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Jun 28 '12

Meet the Music Team: Episode Clark

Hi! My name is Clark, but maybe you know me as Plazmataz. For reference, I look like this:

I would like to introduce myself to the Homestuck fandom at large! I am responsible for quite a lot of Homestuck music, including the scores from some major flashes:

Beyond that I have had a hand in lots of different Homestuck music projects! I produced the solo album Medium, which was released about a year ago now, and along with RJ Lake I was co-producer of the Felt album. In addition these I’ve had dozens of songs elsewhere in the Homestuck canon, such as on the Volume albums! For Volume 9 I especially produced a lot of material, with tracks like Austin, Atlantis; Requited; and Crystalmethequins.

But let me tell you about who I am and what sort of stuff I get up to.

I am a producer of music, and a player of the cello and the bass guitar. I currently live in Austin, Texas where I play in a band with Homestuck colleague Bowman. I pretty much sit in my house and write music all day! Currently I am supporting myself entirely by what income I can earn making and selling music.

I love a good video game or a good television series, and at any given time of the day I am liable to have a mug of tea within arm’s reach. I also love to take pictures of all the places I go and things I see, but I have never put any of those pictures online. Now that I think about it, perhaps I should.

I have lived a great many places over the course of my life, and I fancy myself a great lover of adventure! My most colorful escapade took place in China, where I lived and worked as an English professor at a college. Before that I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is still a city dear to my heart.

Generally we of the Homestuck music team do our work pretty humbly and quietly as the wizards behind the curtain, working out our musical alchemy in whispers to be heard in Andrew’s flashes and on the Homestuck album releases. We don’t make too many public internet appearances, but a lot of us have started blogs on Tumblr over the last year! It’s becoming clear that there isn’t much reason to be so secretive about who we are or what we do.

I think what I am trying to say is…


(and a special thanks to deliciousbroabs for the art, and for being one of the only people to have ever drawn me!)

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